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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Life Lately

For those of you who followed me on Sweet Musings you know how I overbooked my commission schedule over the last six months, and as a result, I let that blog slip a little as far as posting on a regular basis. I hinted at why here. And while I still can't tell you the reason yet I should be able to share in another month or so!!!

All that aside, in an effort to get back to blogging and explore more of my own illustration ideas, I've started sketching in the evenings. While I'm watching tv or just before bed I take a little time, even five minutes, let my mind wander and start sketching.

Above are a few of the designs I've done lately. Some may turn into finished prints soon but for now these lovely ladies are just making me smile and helping me to pursue ideas.

What do you think? Any in particular you'd like to see as finals/in full color?


  1. Definitely #2- The little girl with ribbon shoes.

    1. Thanks!!! I'll definitely work on that one!