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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Diary of a Freelancer: Where have I been

I have been consumed by a few new jobs and a beautiful baby girl and all of a sudden I looked at my blog and realized I haven't shared a thing since late in October. How is it possible that nearly two months have gone by? I've worked on some pretty cool jobs (that I can't wait to share), have been getting ready and enjoying the holidays, and spent as much time as possible bonding with my little one... and I guess I got sucked into a black hole along the way!?! But my New Year resolution will be to get back to blogging! For now though I thought I'd share a sketch that I loved while working with a client. Their final design - which I will share in the New Year - looks nothing like this, but there is something about this one that I just personally loved.

I hope you enjoy and I hope you are having an amazing Holiday season!


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