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Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Sketchbook

Back when I first started my blog, which was originally called Sweet Musings, I had a series called A Picture A Day. The point to this series was to get me to draw, illustrate, design, etc. each and every day. It was meant to keep my skills progressing and keep me inspired while I still worked a full-time job at a company in Philadelphia. Gradually, over the next few years, going off on my own, and some very large jobs, I stopped doing this. But I have missed it. I miss the inspiration I found as well as the sketchbook quality of it that gave me freedom to try new techniques and keep learning without being judged or worrying if the final piece was perfect.

Fast forward to 2016, with all of the amazing changes in my personal life and my work life, I think I've been challenged more than ever before to find time to balance it all... Which brings me to my solution  -  I'm going to/try to bring back the series A Picture A Day, but I'm renaming it to My Sketchbook. I'm changing the name because that's what I want this to feel like, a no pressure outlet to display my work. I'm also calling it My Sketchbook so that I'm not required to post one every single day. This way I won't set myself up for failure and I won't disappoint you by not following through! Win win I hope! And lastly the illustrations are going to look like sketches. I'm giving myself five to ten minutes each day to draw one thing, anything, and get it as complete as I can, but as a result the illustrations will be more rough and not as refined as some of the finished illustrations you've seen. The reason for the five to ten minutes is that it is a timeframe I can handle right now and won't make me feel overwhelmed with one more thing added to my plate. Doing an illustration at this speed will also force me to go with my instincts and try new ways to work that I maybe wouldn't have tried when I need the outcome to be perfect.

Well I hope you like this idea and will enjoy following along with my sketches! And for now, here is my first sketch for the My Sketchbook series. It was an outfit I found in a magazine and was drawn in about 7 minutes. Looking forward to showing you more soon!


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