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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Illustration Reveal - Sketch for custom illustration of New York City

Above is a sketch for a new custom illustration I'm working on with a new client. He and his wife have been living in NYC and are being relocated. He wanted to have something created to remember their time in the city based around all of the places they liked to go, where they lived, and just had happy memories.

This has been one of those cool jobs that has evolved from the first sketches and looks nothing like the one above. We, ultimately, took all of the places he requested and combined them to make their own special place and not a realistic map at all. By the final design we even removed the streets. And while I love the final and the direction we went in (can't wait to show you) this sketch above just makes me very happy.

I'll be sharing more on the process, since it was so organic and different from how I usually work, as well as the final product over the next month or so. For now though hope you enjoy this little black and white sneak peek. I'm looking forward to hearing what you think.


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